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A solution to brand building , promotion and hygiene .


A solution to brand building , promotion and hygiene .

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The very idea of plastic-free earth is no less than a dream for millions. Every single step can be a revolution in the times to come. What matters is the choices that we make today in order to give our generations a clean and green earth.

With the same ideologies our CEO, Mr. Saurabh Jain had founded Brand ISHWARA under the grand umbrella of Shanti Auto Industries in 2019. The idea behind ISHWARA was to invent user-friendly paper disposals that are safe for the environment and would be ideal in eradicating the usage of plastic from the industry in the times to come.

From single machinery to the overhaul of 15 machines, we have been able to build a reliable and reputed brand setup in the paper cup industry in the span of 2 years respectively. At Ishwara, we manufacture our tableware with 100% ITC paper with high GSM, thus delivering efficiency and quality at one place only. Everything from mini cups to big tubs is produced under a single roof to ensure maximum uniformity, efficiency, and efficacy.

Our esteemed clients include some of the most household names like Haldiram, Chaayos, Giani’s, and Bikanervala, so on and so forth, Contact us if you wish to enroute your brand for the eco-friendly alternative. For more information, scroll our website .

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One Store For All Your Disposable Paper Products

If you too are a supporter of the green revolution then stop harming earth with non biodegradable plastic products. Ishwara supplies all the disposable paper products under one roof. It takes care of all its clients' demands. We also provide logo printing, design printing and promotion for our clients. Our goal is to bring a better change with our nature friendly, superior quality and user friendly. Ishwara has emerged as one of the top suppliers of disposable paper products in Delhi NCR  and other parts of India. 

Paper Bowls in India : Ishwara supplies a wide range of paper bowls in Delhi NCR and India. In the span of 2 years, Ishwara has grown as one of the best and highly esteemed manufacturers of disposable paper products. Our paper bowls are available in Delhi NCR and different parts of India. Our paper bowls are of high quality and are available in different shapes and sizes. We use the world's finest raw materials to manufacture our paper bowls and other products. Our products are manufactured under the strict supervision of experts. We have won our clients' trust over the years. 

Paper Lids in India : Disposable paper products are the best alternative for plastic products. This is the green revolution era and we too need to get responsible towards the earth. People have started understanding the importance of the green revolution and are shifting towards disposable paper products for food packaging. Ishwara has emerged as one of the most reputed disposable paper cups manufacturer in the years. People across India and around the world consider Ishwara for its paper lids. We deal with quality and our products have set the mark in the market. 

Paper Tubs in India : Ishwara paper tubs are known for its sizes and perfect fitting of its lids. Our paper tubs are user friendly and can be used to store any kind of material, solid or liquid. Ishwara is just not known as the best disposable paper cups manufacturer but it's paper tubs have also gained high popularity in the market. Our paper tubs are designed in such a way that it looks attractive as well as it is also used friendly. There is a high demand for our disposable paper tubs as along with paper tubs, we also deliver its perfect fitting paper lids. If you are looking for any of these products, order these disposable paper products from the best disposable paper products dealer, Ishwara. 

Paper Cups in India : Ishwara has a wide range of paper cups with different sizes, colours and shapes. It is known as the best disposable paper cups manufacturer in India. We supply our disposable paper cups in Delhi NCR and different parts of India. Our products are high in demand in all the sectors be it healthcare, banks, restaurants, railways, airways, etc. Our products are manufactured with all the precision and are delivered after various quality checks. We also take care of our clients' other demands like printing logo, image, brand promotion, etc. We take pride in being recognized as the best disposable paper cups manufacturer in India. 

Paper Boxes in India : Industries are expanding and acknowledging the use of paper products. Our wide range of paper boxes are customized according to the customers' demand. Our highly skilled workers and the high-tech machineries have brought us a long way in the disposable paper products market. Ishwara is one of the leading and recognized disposable paper cups manufacturer in India which manufactures six different products like paper cups, paper boxes, paper lids, paper bowls, paper glasses and paper tubs. 

Paper Glass in India : Disposable glasses have always been in high demand. Be it any industry, food industry, transportation industry, railway, government sector, water and the disposable glass is the basic necessity. Ishwara paper glass is of superior quality and has high durability. Our paper glass is designed in such a way that it is made leak proof and the material in it can be stored for up to 12 days. Ishwara is raising its step towards a safer earth, we need to do the same by using disposable paper products.