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One step towards protecting earth by using paper glass in India

We all wish for fresh air, clean environment around us. The earth too expects the same from us, the human beings. For the same reason, Ishwara has brought an extraordinary collection of paper products such as paper glass in Noida and other parts of india. The idea behind launching Ishwara paper products and paper glass in India was to make this earth plastic free. The Ishwara paper products not just take you one step towards a safer earth but are also user friendly.

Ishwara paper glass in Noida and India are the best alternative for all type beverages

Ishwara is a big name in the market for its high quality paper products which give its customers the best experience. Today, the people are more educated and aware and understand the necessity to protect the earth. This has made people shift to paper products and reduce the use of plastic. At present paper products and paper glass in India are high in demand. We have got the best machinery and highly skilled workers to meet this growing demand and without compromising with the quality of our products. Plastic products have started losing its popularity in the market with the rapid increase in the demand for paper products.

Use Ishwara paper glass in India and Don’t compromise with your health

Using plastic glasses can cause adverse effects on your health. Chemicals used in plastics like lead, mercury, and cadmium can directly react with your body cells and cause health problems like cancer, immune system problems and child development issues. Looking at the need of paper products, Ishwara had brought the superior quality paper products. It is one of the best manufacturers of paper glass in Noida and India. Our products are exported worldwide and have gained popularity among the people. Using paper products do not cause any harm to your health and are also cheap and biodegradable. You can get all the paper products from paper lids to paper glass and boxes under the same roof. Along with our high quality products, we also take care of the product packaging and delivery.

Be the part of Change, Use paper glass in India

When these disposable paper products have become user friendly then why to go for any other option. Ishwara paper products and glasses can be used for the storage and consumption of solid food and liquid. The paper used in Ishwara paper products are BSR approved paper and are free of any leakage issue. Our products are designed and produced under the strict supervision of experts. Our paper cutleries are heat and frost resistant and can be stored up to 20 days without any leakage. Our cutleries are durable and can be used for longtime purposes. Ishwara paper products and paper glass in Noida and India are the Solution for the eco-friendly environment.

Choose smartly, choose wisely

There is a wrong perception among people that paper products are not helpful for storage purposes and can leak anytime. Our products are designed with a leak-proof lock system and have high resistance to high and low temperatures. Ishwara has grown as a well established brand in the span of 2 years and is now recognized as the well known manufacturer of paper glass in India and across the world. We just don’t deliver our varied products but also help our clients in logo designing, colour printing and targeting their products to their respective customers. Ishwara ensures you the best paper products at the best prices. We supply our products to the well known brands in the market like Haldiram, Bikanerwala, giani’s, Chaayos and so forth.

Ishwara paper glasses in india stand your expectation

Today the food and hospitality industry has grown tremendously and is expected to expand more in the coming future. If  you are thinking of landing up in some food or hospitality business, then the Ishwara is the best choice for you to go for your paper cutleries. We will take care of your product designing, logo designing and deliveries. Lets not spare time in comparing, go check our products and place order for the same.