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By admin 08 Nov 2021

Ishwara: A trusted brand for all your disposable needs. 

Are you someone who cares for nature and looking for something that does not harm the earth and make it ghastly for the coming generations? Are you looking for a better alternative to your usual tableware? Something biodegradable and easily available both online and offline? Then you have come to the right place. Read this blog to know more about our brand Ishwara, a trusted brand in the disposable cups and plates market, making the best paper boxes in India

Ishwara: Manufacturer of Best paper boxes in India. 

Ishwara, a reliable brand in the market of disposable products, was started by our CEO Mr Saurabh Jain in 2019 under the great umbrella of Shanti Auto Industries with the idea of promoting plastic-free India and making it possible for posterity and the coming generations to see the beauty of our mother nature. 
Ishwara is home to the best paper boxes in Noida. One can choose from a wide range of paper disposable products such as boxes, containers, lids, tubs, glasses, and cups. We believe in putting our customer’s needs on top of everything. We at Ishwara takes full responsibility for making the best paper boxes in Noida and Delhi-NCR, India. Our disposable products are made from 100% ITC paper with high GSM, making our products estimable in the market of the disposable products. We also do brandings and logo printing on the boxes and containers with a vivid array of colours as per the customer’s requirements and their brands. Some of our top clients include Haldirams, Giani, Chaayos, Dominos, Bikarnerwala and many more. 

So, If you are also looking for something less harmful to nature and something available both online and offline you have come to the right place. At Ishwara we run by our motto of promoting a greener and cleaner India and making India plastic-free. You can simply go to our website and choose from the wide range of disposable products available.