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By admin 02 Feb 2020

A Step Towards Saving And Caring!

Natural resources are on the edge of extinction and scientists have predicted that our future position can be fatal and life-threatening. Nature-lovers around the world are working hard to spread the word about our depleting resources. But do businesses around the world take them seriously? Some of the industries have accepted the idea of adopting ‘eco- friendly solutions like using paper cups and Paper Bowls. But not all are in line with this concept. At Ishwara we acknowledge the fact about our depleting natural resources and devised a range of products which are more affordable for brands and are safer for the earth.
Our wide range of disposable cutleries consists of different types of paper cups, paper boxes, and Paper Bowls in India. Here are some of the key benefits that make our product an ideal match for your needs and environment. 

Designing Leakage Proof Container.  

These biodegradable cutleries are ideal for the consumption and storage of liquids and solid food materials. You can store liquids like beverages and main course meals like soups and curry-based products without any apprehensions, as our paper cutleries are made up of BSR approved paper. Not only the container but also the lids. Our paper lids are designed with an in-built leak-proof lock system that fits perfectly with the rim of the disposable cutleries. 

Flexible Storage! 

Usually, disposables are manufactured as a temporary solution and hence they can be used for a shorter period of time. Only at Ishwara we manufacture products that are durable and eco-friendly at the same time. Our cutleries can be stored up to twenty days without any messiness or leakage. Furthermore, the paper cutleries are heat and frost resistant, so you can put the cup in the microwave or a freezer without any hassle. 

Reusable Resource! 

Our manufacturing is structured with a motive to create an environment friendly solution. These paper cutleries are recyclable and reusable. Ishwara paper cutleries are easy to decompose and they can be reused for purposes like manufacturing or just DIY crafting! This will help the environment to maintain its ecological balance and become greener!