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By admin 02 Feb 2021

Base Your Business Growth With Eco-friendly Substitutes

Paper has been a major necessity of all times and without the same, we cannot imagine our lives. We use paper as an important resource. From the major part of our life, we use paper as an important resource. Paper Boxes Manufacturers in India have increased their production volume up to 265 billion units in the year 2020 and are bombarded with high demands for paper disposals!

The Reason Behind growing popularity of Paper Cups And Paper Lids - 

  • Paper Disposals Are Sustainable - They are as durable as any plastic disposable. Also, the product is user friendly. So during the pandemic where everyone is looking for a hygienic and safe alternative, paper cutleries are the best option for most of the customer service. At Ishwara we manufacture paper cutleries that are durable for up to 20 days with no signs of leak or mushiness in the material. 
  • Environment Friendly - it is a duty of every business to look out for the society and nature. Whereas a lot of people are contributing to protect the environment, Ishwara is taking it to the next level by manufacturing 100% environment-friendly paper disposals. These products when disposed off, don't pollute nature and also decompose quickly. Because of the swift shift from plastic to paper disposals, the analysts are expecting a growth of CAGR 2% between 2021 and 2026 in the production of paper cutleries.
  • Expense And Profits - Since the process of making paper cutleries does not involve much chemical experimentation, Paper Boxes Manufacturers in India can make a good amount of profits while providing a cost-efficient product. The production of the disposables is quite efficient as it saves almost 60% of electricity! Furthermore, you can customize the overall look of the product as per your branding strategy, as it is easy to customize and sustain colors very well without getting diluted. 

It can be seen that the future of the paper industry is bright and shining for the manufacturers and distributors in India in the upcoming 10 years. So you can plan to become a paper distributor without any worries! 

So contact Ishwara today to plan a better growth of your business in 2021!