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By admin 10 Jan 2021

Myth V/S Fact - Revolution In The Cutlery Industry

It's been seen that producers of plastic crockeries always raise questions contradicting our notion of saving the environment. They usually debate with the reasoning that ‘ not all paper is reusable or paper also degrades the environment’. So why choose paper over any other cutlery material? Ishwara, as one of the biggest Paper Boxes Manufacturers in India, is making efforts to spread the word to all the plastic consumption industries to switch to paper cutleries. It’s important to understand myths and facts that most of the environmentalists, plastic manufacturers and consumption industries are having regarding The difference between plastic and paper industry.

Myth v/s Fact

Myth - Paper Cup Manufacturers In India Consumes Large Amounts Of Wood this Disturbing The Ecological Balance
Fact - Breaking the myth, the paper and pulp  used in producing  the disposable cutleries is approximately 3% of the national wood requirement. Also the wood which is used for the manufacturing, is harvested through agroforestry, and therefore manufacturing of paper cutleries doesn't disturb the ecological balance!

Myth - Paper Boxes Manufacturers in India are Causing Deforestation 
Fact -
In reality, the paper industry is one of the major life saver for rural areas. Since most of the villages and small cities harvest and produce wood pulp through agroforestry, there is no chance that paper production can cause deforestation! 

Myth - Paper Cup Manufacturers In India Are Not Water And Energy-efficient 
Fact -
Over the past couple of years, the paper industry has made tremendous changes in the manufacturing process. They use reusable resources like wind and water energy to run the mills. India alone saves 60% of the electricity through these resources. So, along with the production, the Disposable industry is boosting the environment remarkably.

Myth - Paper Is An Unsustainable Option 
Fact - Most of the plastic consuming industries presented this argument that paper is not a sustainable option in terms of usage and future business growth. Breaking the myth paper cutleries are as supportable as any plastic disposal. At Ishwara you can get paper disposals that are leakage proof and durable as any other plastic cutlery. In terms of business growth, the paper industry will take a hit in indian market in upcoming years. Not only the private industry but the government of India is also making initiative towards business development in the paper industry.

At Ishwara India we manufacture paper cutleries that you can buy for mass distribution or just to add an environmentally friendly touch to your business!