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By admin 17 Sep 2021

Why is Single-Use plastic Harmful to us?

These single-use plastic are omnipresent, in other words, we can say that human beings are entirely dependent on them. The life of these single-use plastics is less than even a minute. The moment we use it, the very next minute we dispose of it. The rate of single-use plastic getting recycled is less than even 9% as quoted by the UN. The single-use plastic after being disposed of is dumped in the landfills or near the ocean. This results in the accumulation of wastes that lead to harmful effects on the human body

How can we get rid of single-use plastic?

People have started understanding the harmful effects of single-use plastic and have started taking an initiative towards it. Minimizing these single-use plastic has to begin with e-commerce and the food industry where food packaging and home delivery is the primary function of their business. The only solution to get rid of single-use plastic is shifting to paper food containers. These disposable food containers help in maintaining the ecological balance of the environment alongside fulfilling the customer’s Requirements.

Ishwara, Disposable Food Containers are the Best Paper Container Online

Ishwara paper food containers are the best alternative for single-use plastic. These paper containers are customized as per the requirement of our clients. Ishwara paper food containers are labeled as the best paper container online because of their high sustainability and premium quality raw materials. Currently, there is a massive growth in the food deliveries sector due to the surging covid situation. With hefty work schedules, people are looking for balance in their work and personal time. Online delivery has become the new normal at the current time. Proper packaging is the USP of our disposable food containers. All the products before getting dispatched are cross-checked by our experts.

Ishwara disposable food containers are designed specifically to equip your food business. We monitor each and every product following all the food safety protocols as guided by the government. The top brands like Haldiram, Bikanervala, Chaayos have invested their years of trust in the high-quality paper food containers of Ishwara. Ishwara is one of the highly reputed brands in the sector of disposable food containers. If you are in search of the best paper container online for your business, Ishwara is the right choice for you. Visit our website to check all our disposable food containers.