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By admin 19 Jul 2021

How is paper packaging better than plastic packaging?

The packaging industry has started understanding the sustainable development goals and have started following the path of it. Paper bowls in India have gained popularity amidst the increasing popularity of sustainable goals. Ishwara is one of the leading paper bowls manufacturer in Delhi NCR. 

Paper packaging is not something new in the market. Paper products and paper bowls in India have been used since ages  for confectionery, dried food, for traveling meals, pet food, etc. Paper packaging and paper bowls in Delhi NCR are environmentally friendly alternatives to plastic products. Not only paper bowls manufacturers in Delhi NCR laud the importance of paper packaging but the consumers too have started shifting towards paper and cardboard packaging. 

Paper bowls in delhi ncr easily available

Ishwara paper bowls in India and Delhi NCR are very easily available. Ishwara, one of the leading paper bowls manufacturer in Delhi NCR takes pride in producing the superior quality and environmentally friendly paper bowls in India. These paper bowls are manufactured under the care of experts who have been into this business for years and years. Ishwara supplies its paper products across India and around the world maintaining the same quality everywhere. Ishwara paper bowls and paper products come in wide ranges in terms of colour, size, designs, prices, etc. Apart from paper bowls in India, Ishwara also deals in various other paper products like paper cups, paper lids, paper tubs, paper boxes and paper glasses.

Reusable paper bowls in India

Whenever there is a comparison between plastic packaging product and paper packaging, one bigger difference that it follows is that paper packaging is not reusable and it cannot store the food item for longer duration. This is a myth that people have kept on believing. Ishwara is the well known paper bowls manufacturer in Delhi NCR whose products are known worldwide. Ishwara packaging is free from leakage and messiness. Ishwara paper bowls in India can be used for 20 days to store any kind of food either solid or gravy.

We care for both our customers and the earth. Hence we produce products that are eco friendly as well as consumer friendly. Our products can be reused and recycled by the customers. We have taken one step towards a better tomorrow and now it's your turn.