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By admin 24 Aug 2021

Why paper glass in Noida is getting popular 

Use of plastic made products has always been a subject of criticism. Single use plastic has numerous harmful effects on the environment  and even manufacturers of paper glass in India are making efforts towards the cause. As people are getting more aware of environmental problems that plastics and its properties are in discussion. The fact that plastic can't be recycled is the reason behind all the hate it gets. Along with that it takes years to decompose and creates the problem of landfills. Paper glass is helping the environment. That is the reason why people are turning their backs to the use of plastic glass.

Why should you switch to paper glass in Noida ?

As you are well aware of all the disadvantages plastic has. Plastic glass can't be recycled and they contaminate land. They take hundreds of years to decompose. Most of the plastic ends up in ocean or other water streams and harms marine life.

On the other hand, paper glass in India is a much more eco- friendly option. Paper is made up of trees and it is still not the best option as a number of trees are cut down to make it but it's much better than plastic. Some paper products can also be recycled and reusable. Paper cups can be recycled if they are collected separately and are sent for recycling to the right facilities. People usually are not aware of it and throw them in regular bins which makes it end up in landfills. People can argue  that reusable cups are a better alternative. And food chains are even encouraging people to bring their own cups but it is too inconvenient for people to carry everywhere they go. Thus paper glass in Noida is a better option. People need to be aware about the proper recycling process of paper glasses. So, that it can be a sustainable alternative to plastic glass.

Where to get paper glass in Noida ?

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